Auto Injury

"I am experiencing pain from an auto accident, how can Chiropractic help?"

Dr. Salinas and Dr. Mullaney are experts in auto injuries and treat these types of injuries nearly every day. Our Doctors will perform a thorough evaluation and determine the Chiropractic care that is needed for your specific injury.

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You may be experiencing neck pain (whiplash), back pain, Muscle stiffness or spasm, headaches, numbness and tingling, soreness, ear ringing, hearing loss, dizziness, blurred vision, and/or difficulty sleeping. We understand your injury, and have the knowledge and experience to help relieve some of these symptoms.

*Please note that even if you are not feeling any pain or obvious symptoms, it is still highly recommended to get a check-up right away. Symptoms from auto accident injuries can take time, even months or years to manifest. Just because you are not feeling any pain now, does not mean that you will not feel it later. When you feel it later, you may end up with a chronic condition! It's better to get a check-up with an expert and know for sure the extent of your specific injuries.

Our patients range in age from children to seniors, so it is important for everyone in the car to receive a check-up.

There are NO minor car accidents when it comes to your health!

You may not realize that when you were in your car accident, regardless of whether it was a "minor" car accident or a "major" car accident, THOUSANDS OF POUNDS OF FORCE were exerted on your neck and spine. That's an alarming thought, and a Chiropractic exam will determine the actual damage that your body has suffered.

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